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Forewarned, Forearmed
“Eram quod es, eris quod sum.”
Inquisitor broke a silence that felt hours long, while he stared into the empty sockets of a dessicated corpse. The venue for this strange vigil was a dim, disused crypt. Light from eighteen candles shimmered against the stone walls and the derelict columns in between.
The dead body, housed in a hard plastic box, was once Baron Gilles de Rais, a knight of renown during the Hundred Years War, and comrade to the legendary Joan of Arc. De Rais was also a brutal defiler and murderer of almost two-hundred children. Their body parts he used to barter with demons for alchemical secrets that would restore his ailing wealth.
The four men at Inquisitor’s feet were more recently deceased. They regarded him, with pallid faces, frozen in fright. These men had intended to return the Baron from the dead, but were instead given to death themselves.
Before tonight, they had slain a child in Nantes, offering up the boy’s organs in perverse honor of
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UPDATE 09 May 2017 (New Commission Type)

I've been churning out full-blown pics for a while now and, for a change, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a new type of commission with full (or half-body), single character on gray/white background only? This is to add some variety in what I do and therefore give my creative muscle some rest by just drawing characters simple poses without having to deal with scenery. This would also cost a bit less so would be great for anyone with tight budget.

Sample below:

Captain Phasma (redone) by KaRolding

Cost of one would be $30 USD. You and any one of your friends can also get 2 (or more) of these for $25 USD each. Note, though, that this is for single character drawings only so no additional characters, vehicles, droids, pet, big machinery, furniture, etc., in the same pic. Guns and personal accessories are fine. Also, no variants for this type (such as alternative armor, helmet/non-helmet). Just simple character drawing. :)

For inquiries or to commission me, please send me a note or email me at I will be leaving town in a few hours to attend to some family matters but I should be back tomorrow afternoon or evening to respond to notes or email and to work on remaining commissions. (Me back) :)

PS: Regular commissions and headshots also still available! (see below).

*** Entry 08 March 2017 ***

* Single Character drawing (with simple background): $35 USD
* Additional characters in the same drawing: $20/each.
* Vehicles, mechs, animals/creatures, and complex machinery, weaponry, etc.: add $20/each
* Complex backgrounds (As a general rule, I won't do them, but ask me anyway as it might be something I'm capable of doing. Price dependent on complexity).
* NEW: Headshot (single character only): $20 USD
* Other special requests (Ask me. I'll see what I can do).
* I may add to the price if the piece or character is extraordinarily complex to draw, or if it requires me to provide a significant amount of creative input into the character's design.

What I'll do:

* Drawings of original character(s)
* Drawings of existing/mainstream character(s) from different media (i.e., fanart)

What I can't/won't do:

* Porn (nothing against it; just can't do it)
* Extreme gore (but really, really extreme. I don't mind Deadpool movie-level carnage).
* Comic-book pages
* Character concept/design (from scratch) and/or turnarounds.
* Drawings of real people (can't do likeness)
* BDSM (again, nothing against it, but those cordage and tying techniques are often too complex for me to wrap my head around. I'm fine with DID, though)
* Others that I'm forbidden, either by law or fear of lawsuit, to draw.

What I'll need from you:

* A short description of what you want to see in the drawing (please be clear and concise).
* Visual references (for characters, weapons, vehicles, etc.)

If interested, please contact me either through DA Note or e-mail at As soon as we have agreed on the commission, I'll give you a rough estimate on when I can start work on the commission. Sometimes things don't go as planned though, so if you think you would need a drawing on a certain date of if the commission will have a strict deadline then, in that case, might not be the best man for the job. My schedule these days are somewhat erratic, though I try my best to deliver as fast as I can.

I can accept payment through PayPal (will provide the info during the exchanges). You may send payment after you get the rough draft, or upfront if you are so inclined.

Please note that this is for private commissions only. If the purpose of the drawing is commercial, please ask first so we can negotiate a different set of terms and rates.

If you have questions, please feel free to Note or E-mail me.



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celyntheraven Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Ka, are you taking commission requests at the moment?

Edit: ignore this, I just saw your contact info that were right under my nose the whole time and sent you an email :) (Smile) 
CowgirlMickey Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I saw your commission journal and I just want to ask you a question to clear things up. I know if I understand correctly that you to money commissions but do you also do Point commissions?
KaRolding Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017   Digital Artist
Hi Cowgirl, thanks for asking. At present, I don't do points, sorry,  just cash via Paypal. 
CowgirlMickey Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok np. Just thought Id ask :D
KaRolding Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017   Digital Artist
ImpulsiveClone Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017  Professional Artist
Found your gallery while I was browsing around. Nice work. I'm a huge SW fan so, really nice stuff. Look forward to seeing more. =)
KaRolding Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks! Much appreciated. :)
thorman Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
no problem friend you gallery is cool and awesome congratulataions friend continue with the good work:D:)
JO5HJO5H Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
Maybe next year In 2018 maybe I can commission a comic book with you I write but you must keep cheap deals I'm hoping I can get 10 pages a month for a 300 dollars hopefully ok.
KaRolding Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks for watching! 2018 is still a long way off so I can't make any commitment at this point (and at the moment, I don't do sequential pages), but feel free to inquire again then, and we'll see.
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